At Werribee Swim Centre we are committed to providing the very best swimming experience in a friendly environment. Here is what a few of our many satisfied parents have to say about their experiences:

My children have both grown up at Werribee Swim Centre. They feel very at home with the staff.

Molly, aged 8, started swimming there at 6 months old. She has swam every week since and lives for her swimming lessons. Molly has become an excellent swimmer and swims at a level of children aged 10 years old.
Alex, aged 5, has been swimming since 12 months old. He loves the pool but can be easily distracted. His instructor keeps him focused and on track.

Earlier this year, Alex fell into the deep end of the pool fully dressed. Thankfully his lessons proved successful when he was able to safely swim back to the edge of pool and climb out. He still loves swimming and has not become scared of the pool.

I have found all the instructors to be very patient, professional and constantly encouraging to the children.

Over the years spend attending swimming lessons we have made some great friend. I would highly recommend Werribee Swim Centre for swimming lessons for your children or yourself.

Kim & John

Werribee Swim Centre is a friendly and welcoming swim centre which caters for the needs of all levels of swimmers both young and old. It's a pleasure to have my children learning to swim at a centre that takes pride in their pool and one while maintains such a high standard of cleanliness.

Karen S

Our family has been happily associated with the Werribee Swim Centre for 16 years. We now have 3 competent ad confident swimmers thanks to the expertise and encouragement of the fantastic staff.

The centre offers flexibility with payment and programs and caters to all age groups.

We highly recommend Werribee Swim Centre to anyone considering water awareness, swimming lessons or as a venue for leisurely activity.

Jo & David

We have been inevitably happy with the quality of service provided at Werribee Swim Centre. Our 2 year old was attending lessons at another local centre and was not ready to graduate to 3 year old lessons independently. Werribee Swim Centre offered a flexible alternative which allowed our son to graduate when he was ready rather than according to some arbitrary rules.

While the transition was still not easy, the highly skilled and patient staff supported us all to prepare him for the change and then to make the transition. Over a very short period, Liam has improved immensely and now looks forward to, and loves his lessons.

Tanya & John